Monthly Qiyam:

Every month we have a free Itikaf program, open to the Muslim community. In the tradition of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) and his companions, we invite our community to spend the night at the MAS center/local Mosque. Our night consists of Quran recitation, short halaqa or discussion, and a congregation prayer. We feel that this monthly ritual helps us stay spiritually connected and energized throughout the month.


Quran Institute Program:

Our Quran Institute consists of more than 40 students working on Quran memorization. Our students consistently rank at 1st and 2nd place when competing in the local quran competitions. This program is held on Saturdays and Sundays and parents can choose which day they want their child to attend.


Friday Boys Youth Program:

Boys youth program starts at 7 pm-9 pm every Friday. Currently, the program is for boys ages 10-13  but ranged from 10-20 in previous years. We are always adjusting this program as we see a fit.


Friday program includes:

  • Quran recitation

  • Character Development through halaqa

  • Youth Mentoring

  • Sports/Outdoor Activities

  • Monthly Workshops.

  • Field trips


Weekly Halaqa:

The benefit of being a MAS member is the brotherhood and sisterhood that gets established amongst us. Many of us get together every week to study the Quran, chat, network, and brainstorm of upcoming projects or initiatives. This weekly halaqa keeps members motivated and connected to God in all of the work that they do.


Bi-Monthly Outreach Halaqa:

We have and continue to visit local mosques, run workshops, and halaqa's with the youth. Our focus has been to foster strong relationships and build bridges amongst all of the Muslim Communities in CT. We want to empower other Muslim Americans to get involved in their communities and recognize that through spiritual teaching they can learn how to become active members of their American society.




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